Text Extraction Methods

Here are some of the ways you can extract text from PCL using our products. This page was developed to help customers test our products during the evaluation period.

  • PCLTool.exe / PCLWorks.exe - Click Extract Text in the Convert dialog to generate a .TNX file. You have the option to invoke TNXDumpG.exe to select various ways to format the extracted text from the .TNX file that was generated. Once you determine the appropriate set of preferences in TNXDumpG.exe, you can cut and paste the command line arguments needed to run TNXDump.exe, or call the Call_TnxDump function from a custom PCLXForm script, or call TNXDmp.dll from your own custom program.

  • PCL Magic Printer Driver - New industry-exclusive PCL printer driver now included with PCL Tool SDK embeds searchable text into the PCL print streams before the printer driver generates them, saving all the text in its natural unscrambled state.

    Both the monochrome (PCL5e) and color (PCL5c) PCLMagic drivers call our custom programs to insert the Unicode and UTF-8 text into the print stream to circumvent the way Windows printer drivers normally "scramble" the text in PCL.

  • PCLTool.exe / PCLWorks.exe - Whenever you convert or view PCL files, you can select the Extract Text preference in the Convert Preferences and generate a .TNX file as a byproduct. This preference is stored in the PTC32.INI file used by the PTC32.DLL that is called by any .exe that needs to extract text.

  • PCLXForm.exe - You can override the PTC32.INI file Extract Text preference if you include a SetPref (ExtractPages, true) function in the [JobParams] section of a .TPT script program. This will also cause PTC32.DLL to generate a .TNX file as a byproduct whenever you stream edit, convert or transform a PCL file.

  • PCLXForm.exe - Adapt the .\scripts\tnxdemo\tnxdemo.tpt sample script to your application requirements. This script generates a .TNX file, then uses the Call_TNXDmp function that uses the command line displayed in TNXDumpG.exe.

Need Help Choosing a PCL Text Extraction Solution?

Customers needing assistance in selecting the right option or integrating our products into a custom workflow, please contact our Technical Sales team at (+1) 858.794.6884 or send an e-mail to info@pagetech.com for a quote.

PCL Tool SDK v11 Live Evaluation!PCL Tool SDK Live Evaluation!

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New industry-exclusive PCL printer drivers embeds searchable text into the PCL print streams before the printer driver generates them, saving all the text in its natural unscrambled state.

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